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‘7ups’ for your finances in 2013 (the concluding part)

stretchStretch up!
In the art and science of personal finance management there are 3 major areas involved: making money, managing money and multiplying money. These 3 areas must be well covered, well-handled and in sync. Money must be made, managed properly and multiplied to create more. The whole idea is to reduce your expenses and liabilities while increasing your income and assets.
As you continue to manage your money pay attention to your feelings… it affects how you manage your money. Understand your money personality. Are you likely to spend or hoard money? Are you likely to give or invest?
Management of money also involves proper record keeping and expense management… what areas are really consuming your funds-food, drinks (alcohol), cakes, clothes etc. How much do I spend per day, week, and month on particular items? You must also find a way to handle risks… risk management is also a crucial part. Insurance is a fantastic risk management tool.

dress upDress up!

The world of personal finance can be pretty complex. From creation of money to management to multiplication there would be times where you would need the help of a specialist or professional in that area. These professionals will dress you up and can help with the laws and best strategies as regards your personal finance. There are personal finance consultants and coaches that can help you with personal financial plans. There are investment experts that can help with your investment plans etc… they exist to make our lives better and easier. Pay them well and you will get results.
One area most of us do not like to talk about is preparing for the life after here. What happens when one dies? All the assets and resources you would have accumulated before you die what happen to them? Spend an hour piecing together what your wishes are for your estate, then contact a lawyer to help you pick the best legal tool to handle your estate.

prayerShow up!

Put it all together. When you have done all you need to do, made your plans and spoken to your professional, you should try to enjoy yourself. Do what you love that won’t affect your finances. Try to live your best life happy and within budget.Develop support systems.Have friends. Chat with family members. Give to people. Giving seems not only just helping others but it also helps the giver. When all is done you should pray. Pray about all these and more. Go out there and prosper.

Thank you… hope you enjoyed the ‘drink’ that lasted 3 weeks. The difference is clear! Please tell us what you think…

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