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Your Money or Your Life:How much is your Life worth?

how-much-images-1Is your Life costing you too much? Are you investing your life or wasting it? Is your life earning money or costing you money?

There are 2 major resources in life… Time and Money. Which would you say is more important? Money right? Wrong! (Laughing out loud) or is it Time?

How hard that was for you to determine and answer rightly will go a long way to explain or show you how your financial mind ‘thinks’ or should I say ‘stinks’.

As long as you are alive you can always get money but no matter how much money you get you can never get back lost time. Time is a non-renewable and non-refundable resource once it’s lost it can never be reclaimed. Remember that time in seconds adds up to minutes which become days that become weeks. About 4 weeks gives you a month and 12 of those make a year. So we can safely say that time is your life. If you waste time you are actually wasting your life.

So, Time = Life

ImageIf I earn #100,000 per month that comes down to 8333.33 per month, 2083.33 per week, 297.62 per day and if I work 8am to 5am i.e. 9 hours it means I earn 33.06 per minute. So every minute spent doing something else other than investing or creating value and earning money costs me about #33.06. A second is worth #0.55. Do the same and find out how much your minute or second is worth.

So if time is your life and we have determined that you are being paid for your time it therefore means you are being paid for your life…

Time=Life and Money=Time then

Money = Time= Life therefore

Money = Life

So I ask again which is more important Time or Money? Your answer should be as good as mine.

All the time you spend with the guys talking about the girls that are not talking about you. All the time you spend gossiping and chatting about meaningless things. All the time you spend talking about and practically fighting about politics and football are costing you in time, money and life… How much is your Life worth? It is worth the time and money you are either investing or wasting!

It’s important not to waste resources no matter what kind of resources they are. Your money or your Time? Both are important!

Will you have the time to get wealthy?… think about this until I gist with you again…

prosper and be healthy…


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