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What’s The No 1 Health Tip In The World ?

I have always wanted to be perfectly healthy-to feel great, look great and live longer. I realise many people want this too. So I embarked on a research to find the one health tip that can bring me my heart desire and I found it… Its SEX!

SEX? I hear you scream! Yes, SEX… To have SEX is the Number 1 health tip in the world. SEX stands for Sleep, Eat and Xercise!

SEX affects many things yet we take it for granted. It can determine how healthy we feel and really are. It can determine how long we live and how old we look. It can determine great our skin and hair look. It can also determine if we would be able to fight infections or if they would have the better of us.

When one Sleeps the body is able to rest and heal, reduce stress, repair and detoxify. We know sleep does a lot of things but we try not to bother about it yet we want to live longer. Most of the pain we feel as well as the illnesses are as a result of lack of sleep. What we may not know is that sleep improves memory, curbs inflammation which can lead to arthritis, diabetes, stroke, and you looking older than Mandela.

Eating healthy meals provides one with important nutrients for the body. The food eaten also provides one with energy, lowers disease risk and cancers, strengthens the body and generally helps one live longer.

eXercise improves muscle strength, boosts energy and improves endurance as Well as controls and manages weight. It boosts HDL ie good Cholesterol, decreases Triglycerides, helps in combating heart disease and. High Blood Pressure as well as improves mood.

So to feel your best, look your best and be at your best always, you must follow the number 1 health tip in the world, SEX – Sleep, Eat, and Xercise!

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