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You are what you eat!


The human body is made up of systems like circulatory systems, reproductive systems etc. These systems consists of groups of organs e.g. kidney, liver. These organs consist of tissues. Tissues are made up of cells. So you have cells to tissues to organs to systems that make up the human body. There are about 12 systems and 78 organs in the human body that houses about 70-100 trillion cells.
For a building to be well made the blocks which are the basic unit that constitute the walls have to be made of good material. This goes for the body too. The basic structural and functional living unit of the human body is the cell. For the human body to be well and function properly the individual cells that make up the body have to well-nourished and have to be functioning optimally.

Our cells need nutrients to transport things, to fight infections, to heal damages, to carry out many other functions in the body. Some cells live for some hours, others for days, weeks etc. As cells die off new ones have to be created. All these functions need energy and other nutrients to happen. The only way these nutrients can be provided is through eating. All the nutrients you get from your food go to help your cell somewhere.


Your cells are basically made up of what you eat. You are basically a product of what you eat. So literally, some of us have muscles and tissues that are just bags of ‘chips and fries’ from KFC (apologies to my wife), joints and bones that are made of ‘Burger’ from Mr Biggs while others have  ‘chocolate bars and lots of sweets’’ from ‘Shoprite‘ flowing in their veins… and you wonder why you are ill or always feeling sick or why your wounds refuse to heal fast or why you are always tired?

So to nourish your cells you have to first eat right. Make healthy choices. When poor food choices are made, a person may be getting an adequate, or excessive, amount of calories each day, yet still be undernourished. Imagine if your body needs more of a particular nutrient but because you don’t like the taste of the food you refuse to eat thereby depriving your cells of important nutrients that type of food was to provide, creating a gap somewhere that will eventually lead to an inability of the cell to perform its function optimally leading to an overall deficiency in the body system.

cellDiet is what you eat. Nutrition is what your cells actually receive. All feeding should be geared towards cellular nutrition. When all the cells are well and healthy the human body is well and healthy. Healthy cells will allow nutrients come in and eliminate waste. Unhealthy cells keep nutrients out and waste products in causing serious problems. Any deficiency or illness you notice on the body would have already happened at the level of the cell. Bodily changes don’t just occur show us what has already happened inside. Don’t sacrifice nutrition on the altar of taste. Don’t eat for you taste buds and leave your cells hanging. So do all your meals add up to a healthy nutritional diet that would give your cells the nutrition it needs?

Victor Anyanwu ‘ Vycade,The Oracle’ is the Chief Executive of The Vycade Company. With a background in Medicine/Wellness and Personal Finance he provides Wellness and Wealth Consulting Services. He can be reached on his twitter handle: @vycade

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